How to sell fast?

How to sell fast?


Pick the right price
everything sells if the price is right.

  • Browse similar ads and pick a competitive price.
  • Consider how much buyers are willing to pay – the lower the price, the higher the demand

    Use good pictures camera-icon-mdmore people view ads with pictures.

    • Use original photos
      ads with photos of the actual item(s) sell faster.
    • Take clear photos – use good lighting and different angles.

Provide a clear title and description – focus on information that is relevant to buyers.



  • Imagine yourself as the buyer – what would you want to know if you were looking for this item?
  • Keep the title short and simple – use key words that people might search for (e.g. item name, brand/company, model/type).
  • Be honest in your description – describe any imperfections along with details of the item’s features.
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